This Penn alum’s Hollywood writing career is anything but cancelled

As we approach year 5 of DT, I continues to expand our arsenal of entertaining “insider-tip”-filled vlogs from Penn undergrads and alumni as they …

Her 10 year-old Jewish ballerina-figure skater basketball obsession

I’ve talked about my obsession with the talented and passionate Penn undergrads and alumni who specialize in spoken word.  Specifically, over the years, …

Their Indian documentary is something magical

Adam and Jim A couple years ago I did a story on Jim Goldblum (C’07, 34th Street)‘s virtual Katrina Yearbook which CNN said, of all the press …

How to Live on the Cheap in LA

You’re a struggling actor or an assistant to someone in LA and until you hit it big, you’re on a tight budget. Well one Penn alum has created …

Their Chilling Documentary Debuts in Los Angeles This Week

Last year I wrote a post on two alumni who teamed up to create a very moving, “gave me the chills” film… Co-directors Michael Pertnoy’s …

This Penn Alum Hollywood Screenwriter Has A Raunchy New Web Series (NSFW)

Penn alum Dave Cowen (C’06, TEP, 34th Street, Write On!) is certainly carving a niche out for himself in Hollywood. While Dave has been finishing his MFA …

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