This Real Life Doctor Is “Acting” as a Doctor on TV Again (VIDEOS)

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+email Did you catch doctor-turned-actor Roy Vongtama (C’96) on last Thursday’s “Private …

DT Exclusive: Why Charlie Tried Out for Survivor

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+email On Wednesday, I reported that Penn alum Charlie Herschel (C’01, Tour Guide, West Philly Tutoring) will …

He’s Going to be on the Next Survivor!

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+email It was just announced that Penn alum Charlie Herschel (C’01, Tour Guide, West Philly Tutoring) is going …

Elizabeth Banks is all over the place

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+emailMore announcements about Elizabeth Banks (C’96) this week when it comes to film and TV… Liz will …

Jon Avnet to direct DeNiro and Pacino / “Starter Wife” debuts

ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestGoogle+emailDirector/Producer Jon Avnet (C’71) will direct Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in Righteous Kill. According …

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"Because of Penntertainment, I got scouted for Nickelodeon. I had such a great time talking with them. I may be a resource for a show on science, travel, geography, gender etc. Thanks for all you do. It really makes a difference."
-Lisa Niver Rajna C’89

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