From “The Wizard of Oz” to “The Cheese Whizard” (VLOG)

Last year I wrote a post about DJ Gregory’s (W’03, Off the Beat) involvement in the (now San Francisco) company of Wicked as well as provided you a sample from his very tv-episode-soundtrack friendly music.

Before he was a wicked awesome musician, DJ was actually a sports nut; he was a left-handed pitcher in baseball, recruited to play at a few division I schools, the quarterback of his high school football team, and a member of the Philadelphia Junior PGA as a kid.

And, now, with the performance experience he has gained, and the passion for sports grabbing a hold of him once again, he has made a move into sports broadcasting…

Check out this mpassioned vlog DJ recently published:

1) (Below) This week’s piece concerns the upcoming NFL season and the impending blackouts that many clubs will face. Due to the semi-socialistic revenue sharing model that the NFL operates under, blackouts are used to punish teams who don’t effectively market the product locally. But, with the recession putting a strain on ticket sales, journalists across the country criticized the NFL, and commissioner Roger Goodell for threatening to stick to league policy. The Cheese Whizard chimes in to disagree.

Per DJ:

“Technology has made it possible for anyone to do what they love – especially in entertainment – whenever they want to. I’m glad to have the means to write, produce, edit and promote my sports ramblings from the comfort of my home.”

Incidentally, how did DJ come up with name, “Cheese Whizard”?

“The Cheese Whizard is a play on words…The “High Cheese” is a baseball reference having to do with a high, hard, fastball, sometimes pitched inside to a batter who is crowding the plate. It’s a pitch that makes a statement.  And, Cheese Whiz is the traditional cheese of choice for a Philly Cheesesteak…Put ’em together and you have The Cheese Whizard”

Get in touch with DJ at thecheesewhizard at

upenn vlog

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