His Growing Empire Is All About Partying, Women and Remaining Uncommitted

Aaron KaroAs reported on DT, stand-up Aaron Karo’s (W’01, Pennfest 2006) multimedia empire seems to be growing rather quickly.

Thus far, Aaron’s achievements include:

And today, his empire grows some more…

Aaron’s 3rd book, I’m Having More Fun Than You drops today and celebrates the fact that although Aaron has turned 30 he remains on a “quest to party like a rock star, get laid with abandon, and silence his critics in relationships with the rebuke “I’m having more fun than you.”

Per the jacket cover,

Aaron Karo

“Happily married people and perpetually single people are similar: We’ve both given up on dating and have merely chosen different exit strategies.” So begins Aaron Karo’s hilarious exploration of bachelor life, from the alcohol-fueled pursuit of chicks in bars to sophisticated advances on defenseless bridesmaids. As his thirtieth birthday approaches, Karo observes the women around him growing increasingly desperate to tie the knot and finds himself equally determined – to remain uncommitted. … Irreverent, insightful, and relentlessly funny, Karo offers a unique glimpse into the world of guys who defy convention, morality, and their moms in order to preserve their independence.

Why did he write the book?  Aaron tells me:

“When I realized almost all of my friends were married except for me, I decided to write a tribute to modern bachelorhood. If you’ve ever gone to a wedding where even the singles table had couples at it, this book is for you.”

Check out Aaron’s video above to get a flavor for Aaron’s clever comedy.  (Watch the whole video above which builds up to his great last sentence!)



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One thought on “His Growing Empire Is All About Partying, Women and Remaining Uncommitted”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m 38. I married at 25 and I’ll be done with child raising by the time I’m 50. And its the best decision I ever made

    it helps that my wife doesn’t mind that I party every weekend. And doesn’t even care if I cheat, though I choose not to

    But that aside, I dunno anyone who has kids that will give up their kids to be a single bachelor. And if you want kids, as a man, being married to their mom is the ideal situation.

    So dude, you’ve optimized on $ex (a bodily function we humans share with lower mammals) while some of us are chasing more evolved achievements.

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