Jon Zucker (W’98) is buzzing from win on Singing Bee!

Did you catch the Singing Bee on Tuesday night?

If you did, you would have seen that Jon Zucker (W’98, Pennfest 2007 musician) dethroned the long time champion and won $5,000!
Jon also mentioned on the show the time when he sang with Billy Joel in college (at Penn). It’s true. Check out his fantastic video!

Because of his win, Jon comes back I believe(?) next Tuesday, 8pm on NBC to compete against a crop of new challengers.

Go Jon!

Click here to read a recap of the show!

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(Recap below from🙂

“The Village People sing “YMCA” to help Joey pick the contestants.

Round One
The first three to get it right moves onto the next round. 1968, Foundations “Build Me Up Buttercup” Natalie gets it wrong. Jon gets it wrong. Suzie (the champion the previous two weeks) is right. 1953, Ray Anthony, “The Hokey Pokey” Eddie gets it right. 1989, Fine Young Cannibals, “Good Thing”, Natalie gets it wrong. John gets it right. Natalie is eliminated.

Round Two
A new game called playlist is played. The contestants get to pick from 6 categories that refer to the singer or the song. The Categories are “All Aboard”, “Screen Time”, “Little Buddy”, “Girl Talk”, “Hair Club” and “City Beat”. Suzie picks “Hair Club”, 1984 Twisted Sister “Were Not Gonna Take It.” Suzie gets it wrong. Eddie picks “All Aboard”, 1981, Journey, “Don’t Stop Believing”. Eddie gets it wrong. Jon picks “City Beat”, 1979, Frank Sinatra, “Theme From New York, New York.” Jon gets it right. Suzie picks “Girl Talk”, 1983, Kool and the Gang, “Joanna”. Suzie gets it right. Eddie picks “Little Buddy”, 1958, Buddy Holly, “Everyday”. Eddie gets it wrong. Jon and Suzie advance while Eddie is eliminated.
Round Three
Whoever sings the entire chorus right while the other doesn’t, moves onto the finals. Suzie gets 1972, Stevie Wonder, “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”. Suzie gets it wrong (just one word wrong). Jon gets 2003, Fountains of Wayne, “Stacie’s Mom”. Jon gets it wrong but keeps singing. The game goes to a tiebreaker. The clues are 1935, Fred Astaire. Suzie chooses to play. The song is “Cheek to Cheek”. Suzie gets it wrong. Jon moves onto the finals. Final Round Jon earns $5,000 for every correct answer. 1987, George Michael, “Faith”, He gets it wrong. The Village People help him with the song. 1978, Village People, “Macho Man”, He gets it right. 1970, The Jackson 5, “ABC”, He gets it wrong. 1978, Cheap Trick, “Surrender”, He gets it wrong. Jon wins $5,000 and the Singing Bee Trophy.”

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