Mask and Wig takes on the RIAA!

More homecoming videos are making their way to Penntertainment!

This set of videos come from this year’s Mask and Wig fall show “Phallus in Wonderland.” (video credits: Kayd Mustonen). The videos cover clips from the show including the second act’s opening number, the closer and a funny “Filler” dance break bit.

Typically Mask and Wig’s second act opener uses popular songs to poke fun of current campus issues. This year, Mask and Wig used all Creedence Clearwater songs to poke fun of the RIAA cracking down on Penn students for illegal downloads ….leading President Gutmann to turn the internet off at Penn! Luckily, one student, “Roflcopter69” leads a rebellion and saves the day.

Check out the videos below!

Second act opener 1

Second act opener 2

“Filler” bit

Closing number

Recent Mask and Wig grad, Josh Burgess (C’07) had great things to report about this show with highlights centering around bits about “a computer that came out to its user (with a great impression of the computer-generated voice), two cowboys in a duel that kept going wrong, and one really ambitious bit that went in reverse, kind of like Memento.”

I watch these Mask and Wig videos and am quick to reflect about my years in Mask and Wig, when we used soundtracks for our second act openers from Les Miserables, Jesus Christ Superstar, the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band and Rocky Horror Picture Show to poke fun of topics ranging from the ’92 presidential elections, to Judy Rodin’s new appointment as President of Penn, to the “BYOB” (bring your own beer) issues (no alcohol could be served at fraternity parties..yeah those times were not fun).

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