Now & Then Thursdays: My Dorm Room 15 years later!!

upenn dorm room

A few weeks ago I started a “Tuesday Tips” weekly series and now starting today, I will be starting a weekly Now and Then Thursdays” series highlighting videos and photos from my time on campus with the current campus.

To start this series off, back in September 2007, through facebook photo postings, I found the student who is currently living in the room I lived in my freshman year in the lower Quad!

I know what you’re asking… “how do you know it’s the same room?”

Besides the fact that I ultimately asked the girl via facebook, I first identified the photos because my room was a unique top floor corner room in a dead end hallway (–in a building without an elevator! Yes, I had a hell of a time going up and down those stairs and I had killer calf muscles by the end of the year. …Don’t even get me started on move-in and move-out!)

Click below to see the shocking side-by-side photo comparisons of my 1992 room photos vs. the current day room photos!
Photo 1: Room
Photo 2: Room
Photo 3: Quad View
Photo 4: Hallway

Check out other Penn photos of “Now and Then”!


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