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Funny Fridays: Political Documentarian Discharges Another Film

As you may recall from my previous post, filmmaker Stephen Robert Morse (C’07, DP /34th Street) got funding from Wharton to create a political …

Funny Fridays: New Film From Oscar Nominated Pair

Even after 13 years since graduation two Penn filmmakers are still collaborating and doing some high level Hollywood projects together. In between picketing …

Music Mondays: He’s Writing Music for Barbie

In addition to my weekly Tuesday Tips, Wednesday Websites , Now and Then Thursday, and Funny Friday series, it’s now time to add another series …

Funny Fridays: Their Comedy is Absurdly In-Tune

For my second installment in my “Funny Friday” series, Danish Rhythm‘s Spencer Crawford (C’05, Mask and Wig) and Gary Lundy …

Funny Fridays: You’ll Never Take a Pepsi Challenge The Same Way

In addition to my weekly Tuesday Tips, Wednesday Websites and Now and Then Thursday series, I want to now prove that I can add an descriptive adjective to yet …

Penn all over 2007-2008 TV Schedule

As I continue to be inundated by TV promos, I’m realizing that there are a good number of alumni both in front of and behind the camera… Click here …

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