Penn Undergrads You Should Know About Vol. 5


Katie Hartman (C’17)
College 2017
English with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Modern Middle Eastern Studies
New York, NY.
Katie Hartman loves stories. Whether she is reading, writing, or eavesdropping, Katie finds inspiration in the stories she encounters and enjoys helping people tell them. Off campus, Katie has explored this passion through interning at two literary agencies. On campus, she is involved in 34th Street Magazine, the weekly arts and culture section of The Daily Pennsylvanian. She was drawn to Street, at the beginning of her freshmen year, for the writing opportunity and chance to learn from interesting and cool upperclassmen. Since joining, she has been involved in web production and writing for and editing the Film&TV Section.

This year, Katie has had two of her proudest moments. Last semester, she was mentioned in the acknowledgements of the newest book in Sarah Mlynowski’s Whatever After series: Cold as Ice, which Katie helped to edit over the summer. This semester, Katie wrote her first cover story for Street on poker culture at Penn. Katie is also proud and excited that this semester she is the first editor of Street‘s new section, Word on the Street. Word on the Street is the magazine’s personal stories and opinion section, and students all across campus have contributed pieces. Katie’s favorite Penn tradition is “The Red and Blue” song. She loves sharing this song with her dad, an alum, and her brother, a newly accepted student. (Her mom and other brother aren’t Penn alums, but they’ve learned to show their Penn pride too!) Lastly, Katie rejects the idea that Penn is only a pre-professional school. She loves the English Department and the Kelly Writers House and is incredibly grateful to go to a school that takes her interest in writing seriously.


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