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A couple weeks ago Penn alum actress Jess Garvey (C’09) shared her singing audition video that got her a callback on “Glee”.

Since then, Jess has some good news, not such good news, and then “amazing” news.

After the jump, catch up with the ups and downs of being an LA actress!

“Oh boy are there highs and lows in the life of an actress. In this episode, I take you into the photo shoot for my new website and blog which will be complimenting my book “The Hostess Handbook for the Young, Broke and Fabulous.” I have been cray cray putting together everything for the launch and it is so amazing to see it coming together. We got some great shots for the permanent pictures on the site. These images will be used to make the banner and some of the tabs to click on. For example, the flower photo you see in the video is going to be made into a button on the website that you can click on and get a bunch of flower arrangement ideas for parties. That button will be called “Flower Power” and others include, “The Perfect Party Dress” and one for great hostess gifts maybe: “Gift it to Her” or “Gift-ed” or “Hostess Gifts Galore.” Let me know if you have any good ones please cause right now I’m drowning in puns.

You also see me drowning in tears as I learn that the role on “Glee” that I auditioned for and made to the producers is not being cast anymore. Yup, they decided to do nothing with the role. As of now..of course my delusional mind thinks that I am going to get a call one day out of the blue saying “ok now we are ready to incorporate the role into the show and you got it.” A girl can gleam…get it?..dream and glee together. Not sure how I feel about that one either!

However, with the bad comes the good. I got offered a lead role in a new pilot teaser and web series. I am super excited and love the project. It is about two girls who are living in LA, doing nothing and being supported by my family. This is until my parents cut me off and my best friend and I need to find a way to make money. Well, acting seems like the easiest option right? Of course, Duhhhhhh. My friend becomes my manager and we go off to make me a star. The series is about is learning the ropes of the entertainment industry and trying every possible way to become famous. We are moronic, idiotic and endearing. It is hysterical and sooo well written. I would say it is a mix between “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Entourage.” The best part is that I got the role because of the Starter Actress reality series and blog. My agent recommended me for the part because it is basically what I am doing on my site but scripted and much more funny. Lets face it, I know I’m a hoot but you guys are really in for a treat when you follow me trying to become a star in the scripted series. Cannot wait to shoot! It starts in August….don’t worry I am going to def make a reality episode so you an see some behind the scenes footage.”

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