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3 reasons why you’ll enjoy watching this creepy Quaker dude video

You’ll want to check this out… Recently the undergrads made a pretty funny and professional looking quick video for The Penn Fund. After the jump, watch the 35 second video …and for you alumni who haven’t been back to campus in some time, find out why I think you’ll enjoy this video. In the video […]

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Halftime dance with Creepy Quaker Dude

Apparently there was a dance competition during the halftime show of the first home basketball game of the season. As you’ll see, one undergrad tried to upshow C.Q.D. (Creepy Quaker Dude). To the undergrad, I’d watch your back… There’s just something about C.Q.D. that leaves me a bit uneasy. Again, is it just me? Click […]

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A 1986 Wedding Proposal on Franklin Field you’ll want to check out

Some of my favorite stories on DT have to do with Penn love. I’ve covered Penn alumni getting married on campus and have even covered some great Penn proposals. Well, I just discovered another Penn proposal from 1986 that was accomplished during the halftime show on Franklin Field with the help of the Penn Band. […]

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They’ve GOT to be related…

From the looks of it, this Penn celebrity has to be related to this Hollywood celebrity. Click here to check these two out! Warning: This is not pretty.Image on left – Creepy Quaker DudeImage on right – Chucky Check out my past and present galleries of photo fun! Check out who is registered on […]

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Has he had some “work” done”?

Apparently, as we can see from an old photo, this guy has had some “work” done… Click here to check it out for yourself!Oh Creepy Quaker Dude… Sign up for daily emails to get notified about alumni and undergraduate updates! (click here to see a newsletter) Add yourself to our facebook, friendster and/or myspace profiles! […]

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Penn’s Campus Overtaken By These Animals?

In my post last week, I featured a cool claymation video about a kid trying to study only to be distracted by a squirrel. As I started thinking about it, I’ve noted a few other Penn squirrel videos that have come my way on DT over the past year. A Squirrel Walking The Walk Screams […]

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