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Mark Cronin (Eng’86) at it again with Gotti’s Way: OCTOBER 15

Lately, it seems like I’m posting new stories about the next Mark Cronin (Eng’86, Mask and Wig) reality show every week! Well, I guess it’s that time again. Last week I announced these 2 shows… This week there’s:….a third that’s coming out on Monday, October 15!…and a fourth coming out in 2008! Mark (pictured left) […]

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Mark Cronin (Eng’86) brings “Himbos” and “Bimbos” to TV on October 9!

What do you get when you mix America’s Next Top Model and Beauty and the Geek? You get Mark Cronin’s (Eng ’86, Mask and Wig) new VH1’s celebreality show, America’s Most Smartest Model series to debut October 7, 9 pm ET/PT. Per “The 14 contestants competing on America’s Most Smartest Model will consist of […]

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Mark Cronin’s (Eng’86) Rock of Love debuts this Sunday night!

Tune in this Sunday, July 15 when Mark Cronin’s (Eng’86, Mask and Wig) Rock of Love with Bret Michaels follows the lead singer of rock band Poison as he chooses a wife from a group of 25 young (“15 minutes of fame” craving) women. Check your local listings. Click here to see a commercial for […]

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Mark Cronin (Eng’86, Mask and Wig) brings Rock of Love to VH1

Posted on by in 1986

Penn Alum Mark Cronin (Eng’86, Mask and Wig) has come up with another great VH1 celebreality show! From“This summer Poison’s Bret Michaels will get his Flav on as the ladies pictured above vie for his attention in the Celebreality elimination-based dating show Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. “We knew women vying to date […]

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Mark Cronin ‘s (Eng’86) Charm School coming to VH1 on April 15

Mark Cronin (Eng’86, Mask and Wig) has executive produced Charm School, the next Flavor of Love spin-off on VH1. The show debuts April 15, but the first episode will be online starting six days earlier. Watch a preview here. Read more below: Hosted by Mo-Nique, the women from season 1 who will be transformed include […]

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Hollywood Bits and Pieces: New projects for Mark, Josh and Liz

A bunch of Hollywood bits and pieces about Penn alumni deals to report on including a new VH1 reality show a new half hour NBC comedy a new atypical role for Elizabeth Banks More after the jump! Reality guru Mark Cronin (ENG’86, Mask and Wig, Penn in Pictures 2010 panelist) debuts his new half-hour docu-series […]

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