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New DT Series: “Penn Foodies” all this week!

Over the past month I have been collecting “food related” stories from some quite interesting Penn alumni. Now all this week, in a new DT series I’m calling “Penn Foodies”, look out for some savory posts about Penn: restaurant entrepreneurs  authors and bloggers a national TV commercial star who’s promoting a delicious product we all […]

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Cooking for Sport: This Penn Alum is feeding the NFL spirit (VIDEO)

(Jordan on right) You can’t keep a good Penn winning woman down. Jordan Zucker (C’97, Theta) appeared on “Scrubs“, cooked with Bobby Flay, interviewed NY Jets players, got featured on the morning news for her Girls Guide to Fantasy Football league, tried out for Oprah …and now has a new web series that combines 2 of her passions: sports and cooking. […]

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Martha Stewart and Oprah love this Penn alum’s chocolates: Win them.

Kira and John Over the past 4 years, DT has run a bunch of contests (from winning revolutionary water bottles to winning fantastic shaving cream). Today, we launch a new contest to win some holiday chocolate goodness from a Penn entrepreneur doing all sorts of good in the world. Co founders Kira Baker-Doyle (C’97, MSD’99, PHD’08) and her […]

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Time To Make the Donuts for this Successful Penn Alum

Last week, DT covered a story about an alum who invented a fantastic national favorite snack food. Today, I want to let you know about another Penn alum who runs my absolute favorite dessert company in the world. More Penn news-filled deliciousness after the jump! Yes, I went old school with the box. “Will Kussell […]

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Who Knew?!: This Penn Alum invented my favorite snackfood (and probably yours too!)

Last week Kiera Reilly (C’93) sent me an obituary of a very notable Wharton alum who passed away a few weeks ago. The obituary revealed that this alum was the inventor of a food so delicious, you just can’t eat one… Find out more about this alum and the food he invented after the jump! […]

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This Penn Alum Wants To Be Oprah’s Next TV Star..and She Just Might Do It (VIDEO)

Posted on by in 1997

After her appearances on “Scrubs” and Bobby Flay’s “Grill It” show, Jordan Zucker (C’97, Theta) is clearly comfortable on camera! Find out about this Penn alum’s latest endeavor as she vies for your vote to get her own show with Oprah…In her video HERE, Jordan pitches Mark Burnett and Oprah the followig for a new […]

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