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Who knew? Trolley tracks under Locust Walk!

Credit: ChristophrHiestr As you know, there’s always lots of construction going on at Penn. Here’s a real gem for you. You’ve walked on it a million times and most probably even tripped on one of its crooked bricks, but did you know what Locust Walk was built on top of? Recently, Locust Walk has been torn apart […]

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Who Knew?: This Penn Alum was “Hottie” on “Flavor of Love” and she’s got an obsession with balls

Here’s another one for our “Who Knew” series, as well as our “Pennalicious Profiles” series… Not only had Penn alum Schatar Sapphira (Arts House Resident, Inspiration, Penn Black Arts League, Penn Gospel Choir, Penn basketball manager) made it to the final six of Penn alum Mark Cronin’s (ENG’86) “Flavor of Love” and soonafter appeared on […]

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Who Knew?: Penn Alum Featured in Popular MTV Music Video

This summer you’ve heard Ke$ha’s “Your Love Is My Drug” just as many times as you’ve heard Katy Perry’s “California Gurls“. And while they both annoy the crap out of me (yet I will find myself listening to these songs regardless), there is one difference. One of these song’s music videos features a Penn alum. […]

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Who Knew?!: This Penn Alum invented my favorite snackfood (and probably yours too!)

Last week Kiera Reilly (C’93) sent me an obituary of a very notable Wharton alum who passed away a few weeks ago. The obituary revealed that this alum was the inventor of a food so delicious, you just can’t eat one… Find out more about this alum and the food he invented after the jump! […]

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Who Knew?: Another TV Personality Who Graduated from Penn

Last week, I showed a video of Dr. Zach Lutsky (C’97) teaching Dr. Oz and us how to save a life. After I did that post Kiera Reilly (C’93) emailed me to let me know that Dr. Oz is also a Penn alum. Who knew! The very ambitious Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz actually graduated from […]

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Who Knew?: UPenn Fight Night?! What the….

Who knew.. …that there was a Philly Fight Night? Per user “Hansel”, Philly Fight Night is “an annual tradition at University of Pennsylvania where students box other students in the historic Blue Horizon (the former training ground of “Smokin'” Joe Frazier and the filming location for much of Rocky V)” Click here to check […]

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