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Penn Alum John Legend’s Oscar Winning, Chilling Performance & Speech

You surely saw the Oscars last night and it would be irresponsible of us here at Penntertainment not to highlight one of the more memorable moments which centered around Penn alum (and former commencement speaker) John Legend (C’99, Counterparts) and Common’s powerful Oscar performance and acceptance speech. Congrats John Legend!  You make us Penn alumni […]

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Yes, John Legend sings at UPenn Graduation (VIDEO)

John Legend’s (C’99, Counterparts) speech at Penn’s 258th Commencement Ceremony was everything you were probably hoping for: personal, musical and inspirational: Within the first 2 minutes, he sang an alternate version of his hit “All of Me“. At various points in his speech, he worked in his own song lyrics. His speech centered around theme of […]

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Another reason we love John Legend

Posted on by in 1999

Photo credit: University Communications After the jump, listen to John Legend’s (C’99, Counterparts) stellar cover of a contemporary hit out now. As you can hear above, John is singing a cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep“. Fantastic. Just needed to share.  : ) Reunion Time!:DT Stories about your classmates: 2006, 2001, 1996, 1991, 1986, 1981, […]

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John Legend’s Sweet NY Pad

Last week I covered a story about two Penn alum sister realtors starring on a new reality show.   While we’re on the topic of New York real estate, I thought you’d all be interested to check out the real estate of Penn alum John Legend (C’99). A decade ago John Legend shared an East Village […]

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John Legend Sings National Anthem in World Series (VIDEO)

Did you catch Penn alum John Legend (C’99, Counterparts) singing the national anthem during game 2 of the World Series last night? Check it out above! (my favorite moment is at 1:28) Let’s not forget about the other musical “World Series”-related Penn act I covered yesterday! All Penntertainment coverage on John Legend HERE

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DT’s B&P: Alumni Dealings with Quentin Tarantino, Russell Crow and John Legend

Transitioning now out of our “Delicious Leftovers” series to bring you some exciting entertainment tidbits from our alumni and undergrads: Lots of celebrity dealing with our alumni this week She’s casting For A new TV show She will be starring in a new thriller as a prisoner A Hot Los Angeles Penn event you’ll want […]

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