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What Penn’s Homecoming looked like in 1967 (video)

Here’s another blast from the past from someone who took a film during Penn’s 1967 homecoming. This audio challenged piece shows some students tailgating before the big Quakers vs. Harvard game on Franklin Field and then shows the game. Be sure to check out some of what appears to be Spruce Street, the Penn Band and […]

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His 1972 UPenn Dorm Room

It’s about to be the start of another school year and I recently stumbled upon a blog blast from the past article written by Penn alum Jeffrey Slater (C’76) that you’ll be interested in. In Jeff’s nostalgic post, he recounts his time at Penn: from his beginnings, to the friends he made, to the memorable times he […]

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Who knew? Trolley tracks under Locust Walk!

Credit: ChristophrHiestr As you know, there’s always lots of construction going on at Penn. Here’s a real gem for you. You’ve walked on it a million times and most probably even tripped on one of its crooked bricks, but did you know what Locust Walk was built on top of? Recently, Locust Walk has been torn apart […]

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Penn alumni of the 90s can’t remember the answer to THIS question (videos)

Here’s another DT “blast from the past” story you’ll all enjoy. Alumni from the 90s and earlier might remember Murphy’s Tavern (aka “Murphs”) on the corner of 44th and Spruce streets. You’ll remember the pitcher of alcohol, the jukebox, the basement and of course the “see you in church” greeting you got from Murph himself […]

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Oh the irony: from AEPi to Transplant House

AEPi “Hollywood”, 1993 Apparently, the old AEPi house at 3940 Spruce, originally knocked down because of THIS, has been transformed into a place for recovering organ recipients. For the amount of “libations” that was consumed in my fraternity over the years, it seems strangely ironic that this new building will be housing recovering livers.  : […]

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Blast From the Past: UPenn Graduation 1978 (VIDEO)

To kick off our “Blast from the Past” series, check out the UPenn School of Nursing 1978 graduation montage video above. The great thing about this video is that you get glimpses of a very familiar campus (Irvine Auditorium, 34th street, Spruce Street) with subtle differences you would expect from a 1978 video.  (Note the […]

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