Penn Alum Hollywood power couple’s Pitch Perfect film

I’m sure you’ve heard all about it by now, but today, Pitch Perfect, the hot, rotten-tomatoes highly rated film by Penn film producers Elizabeth …

Why his muppet got cut from his own movie

Since the summer we’ve seen some great Muppet promos, but today Todd Lieberman’s (C’95, AEPi, Mask and Wig) 98% Rotten Tomatoes …

Oh the irony: from AEPi to Transplant House

AEPi “Hollywood”, 1993 Apparently, the old AEPi house at 3940 Spruce, originally knocked down because of THIS, has been transformed into a place …

3 reasons why you’ll enjoy watching this creepy Quaker dude video

You’ll want to check this out… Recently the undergrads made a pretty funny and professional looking quick video for The Penn Fund. After the jump, …

DT Celebrates 1,000 Posts!:  My Video Tour Through Penn

Woo hoo!  This is DT’s 1,000th post! In honor of this post, I thought I’d post a special treat to all my alumni readers across the world who …

Hanging Out with Todd Lieberman at His Very Engaging Hollywood Premiere of The Proposal

This past Monday, I attended the Hollywood premiere of Producer and good friend Todd Lieberman’s (C’95, Mask and Wig, AEPi) film The …

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