I LOVE this new Gabriel Mann song and you will too…(VIDEO)

Video credit: Dave DeSantos (The Rescues @ Culture Works in Ashland, OR) A new Gabriel Mann (C’95, Off the Beat) song is rapidly becoming a favorite of …

Her Hollywood-Optioned Book Is Now in Paperback!

During this year, I’ve done posts about Allison Winn Scotch’s (C’95) book The Time of My Life and how it was optioned by the Weinstein …

His Green Products Are In Over 5,000 Stores Nationwide!

In late April, I featured a TV News clip of Brian Yanish (C’95, Mask and Wig, Friars) talking about his Scrap Kins children’s character property. …

He’s Obama’s “Voice of Reason” in this Jib Jab Viral Video

If you recall, last year Gabriel Mann (C’95, Off the Beat) was the voice of Obama in Jib Jab’s “Time for Some Campaigning.”  In this …

His Colorful Documentary Has Been Nominated for An Award & Needs Your Vote!

Earlier this year I posted about the talented documentary filmmaker Loren Mendell (C’95, Friars) and his film Adjust Your Color: The Truth of Petey …

These 3 UPenn Alumni Release a Hot New Futuristic Trailer Starring Bruce Willis

Move over Terminator, another high tech film is coming out this Fall and it looks really cool. Last week I posted my review (and photo with Betty White!) of …

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