Annual Overused Halloween Character Support Group (VIDEO)

Penn alum actress Stephanie Lynn wrote, directed and appears in a great Funny or Die short you’ll want to check out. For this group of misunderstood and …

Check out these Penn Pumpkins!

To cap off our 2011 Halloween series, I’ve got a final treat from one of our alumni. Take a look at this great pumpkin carving handiwork from Penn alum …

The touching reason why she’s not afraid of ghosts

I’ve covered singer-songwriter Jill Goldberg (C’04, Dischord A Cappella, Penn Choir, Wind Ensemble) on DT before and have been saving this great …

The only thing worse than zombies is racist zombies

One more day ’til Halloween and as part of our Halloween series, I’ve got a somewhat wrong, yet very funny treat for you all. After the jump, watch …

Elizabeth Banks shows us her “Hunger Games” costume!

So far on DT, you’ve seen a Penn alum professionally modeling some great Halloween costumes. I now have another Penn alum wearing what will eventually …

The secret life of this 10th grade Penn alum English teacher

Another story in this week’s DT Halloween series for you… Matt Blackstone (C’03) is not only a 10th grade English teacher, but he is the …

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