Another Penn alum covers Adele (must-listen!)

UPenn and Rebecca Cook and Adele

It has become clear to me that Counterparts alumni love Adele:

A few weeks ago, we heard John Legend (C99, Counterparts) sing a great cover of an Adele song.

Now, I just stumbled upon a very talented recent alum’s performance (also from Counterparts) of a cover of another Adele song.

After the jump watch her performance and listen to her unique voice!

Below listen to Rebecca Cook (C’11) sing “Make You Feel My Love“.

As for her future, Rebecca tells me,

“I never really gave it much thought throughout college, but now that I’m exploring the world of Philadelphia music, the thought of “Hey!  I could do that!” pops into my mind more and more often.  Penn has really helped shape my taste in music though, with an integral contribution from the four years I spent in Counterparts which really got me hooked on soulful pop!  I’m hoping that by the end of the summer I’ll have a couple tracks of my own to add to the collection! ” 

Good luck Rebecca!   DT will be following you on your journey!

More Penn musicians HERE



…And just because:

go the f to sleep

This “children’s book for grown-ups” caught my eye. I know there are many parents out there who would appreciate this book!

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