9 Men in Heels and a Kickline: Mask and Wig Brings The Funny to LA (EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS)

Mask and Wig and UPennLast weekend Mask and Wig came out to LA to perform its 122nd Annual Production “A Cheshire Catastrophe”.  And in case you missed it, DT has some exclusive highlight clips for you.

Above, check out the show’s finale number followed by Mask and Wig’s traditional kickline (wait until you see their costumes this year!)

…And then, after the jump, check out my thoughts and some select moments from the night which include the show’s opener, tap number, kickline and post-show floorshow!

Some Mask and Wig alumni in the audience included: Ned Wertimer (C’49), Bob Myer (C’73), Bob Young (C’74), Lew Schneider (C’83), Scott Anderson (C’85), Mark Cronin (ENG ’86), Steve Lavapies (C’81), Dave Polsky (C’86), Sam Elias (C’86), Dave Glass (C’90), Kyle Kozloff (C’90), Chris Heisen (C’91), Dave Koff (C’91), Mike Hardy (C’93), Matt Rosler (C’96), Tim Gloege (C’96), Dave Baronoff (C’99), Nathan Agam (W/Eng’99), Brian Appel (C’01)Gary Lundy (C’05), Marques Warren (C’05), Josh Burgess (C’07) and Reg Tigerman (C’07).

Some quick thoughts…

  • I enjoyed the show and wish I could see it in the Mask and Wig clubhouse to get the true experience.  Ian Stringham (C’10, Head show writer), Abhrajeet Roy (C’10)David Loewy (C’10) and Ethan Pine (C’11) all had some funny scene-stealing moments.
  • I will also say Penn undergrad Billy Frierson (C’11) definitely plays one great memorable villainess.  (And note to anyone seeing this show: he’s not wearing a wig.  It’s his own hair!)  He reminded me a little bit of 101 Dalmatians “Cruella” mixed with a bit of Mark Milstein’s (C’97) “Ms. Tagonist” character from my senior year Wig show”Hit or Mrs.”
  • I was a bit saddened that “Shiksa”, my favorite Mask and Wig floorshow bit is now out of this generation’s repertoire.  But I’m sure it will make a comeback!
  • Hey Mask and Wig alumni from the mid 1990s reading this, check out video “9-Band-Um” above.  Listen to minute 1:31 and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  When I spoke to the band after the show, they had no idea about the rich history behind this classic musical selection.  : )
  • A special shoutout to Mask and Wig alum Neil Radisch (C’85) who composed the fantastically catchy music for the show and musical director Gene Bender for some great harmonies!

Just because I think it’s fun, compare these other Mask and Wig kicklines over time:

  • Kickline from 2007 (Mask and Wig LA Tour) HERE
  • Kickline from 1958 (on “Ed Sullivan Show”) HERE

And in case you missed these Mask and Wig related DT gems….

By the way, the videos above were taken with the new IPod (video) shuffle.

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One thought on “9 Men in Heels and a Kickline: Mask and Wig Brings The Funny to LA (EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS)”

  1. Josh Frank says:


    Thanks for the analysis/review of this year’s show. M&W came to Fort Lauderdale last year, and I had the same reaction to the death of Schiksa in the floor show! The guys I spoke to were very cool and seemed appreciative of my stories from the “old days”. They had the same reaction to my description of Schiksa as I used to respond to “Our Gold Is Real”, which for some reason also got dropped from the rotation before we ever got a chance to perform it.

    I’m also jealous that you got to share the event with so many other Wiggers. I’m pretty sure I was the only Grad Club member in attendance that night last year. People thought I’d lost my junk when I screamed “MORE MORE MORE MORE!” during the kickline!

    Hope you’re doing well.


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