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David Loewy’s (Eng’10) balancing act …MTV style!

David Loewy (Eng’10, Mask and Wig) balances more than just school work and extra curricular activities like Mask and Wig. A couple of weeks ago, David made his European television debut on MTV’s (European) Best Show Ever with his “Best Balancing Video Ever.” Per David, “Sadly, I was NOT actually crowned the Best Balancer Ever. […]

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Jay Leno Flies Penn Alum Out to LA (VIDEO)

Last week, David Loewy (Eng ’10, Mask and Wig) was featured on “The Tonight Show” alongside Ian Stringham (C’10, Mask and Wig) on a “Meal or No Meal” segment. In the segment (minute 15:27-18:10 above) David shows Jay and a panel of judges his unique skill for balancing all sorts of things on different parts […]

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9 Men in Heels and a Kickline: Mask and Wig Brings The Funny to LA (EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS)

Last weekend Mask and Wig came out to LA to perform its 122nd Annual Production “A Cheshire Catastrophe”.  And in case you missed it, DT has some exclusive highlight clips for you. Above, check out the show’s finale number followed by Mask and Wig’s traditional kickline (wait until you see their costumes this year!) …And […]

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Something’s deliciously fishy about this short

As the final part of my Talented Undergrad Showcase Week: featuring filmmaker Brian Canavan (C’10), take a look at this creative “Goldfish” piece by Brian using stop action animation (credit also goes to Andrew Salute (C’10), David Loewy (C’10), Chris Arasin (C’10), Emily Barlow (C’10), and Amy Jones (C’10)). As you can see throughout this […]

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