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9 Men in Heels and a Kickline: Mask and Wig Brings The Funny to LA (EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS)

Last weekend Mask and Wig came out to LA to perform its 122nd Annual Production “A Cheshire Catastrophe”.  And in case you missed it, DT has some exclusive highlight clips for you. Above, check out the show’s finale number followed by Mask and Wig’s traditional kickline (wait until you see their costumes this year!) …And […]

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Funny Fridays: Their Comedy is Absurdly In-Tune

For my second installment in my “Funny Friday” series, Danish Rhythm‘s Spencer Crawford (C’05, Mask and Wig) and Gary Lundy (C’05, Mask and Wig) debate getting a piano tuned…with deadly consequences. Trust me when I say you’ll watch this video and get strangely, yet pleasantly drawn in… Click here to check out this very funny […]

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Love Week: Swapping More Than PB&J

For our next “Love Week” installment, Danish Rhythm‘s Spencer Crawford (C’05) wants to trade Gary Lundy (C’05) his PB&J for something a bit tastier…. Click here to check out this very funny video Check out these other funny videos from Danish Rhythm Check out all my posts from the DuelingTampons’ “Love Week” series See which […]

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U of Pee-A: Undergrads and Alumni can’t hold it in

Hold in their talent, that is. Remember a month ago when we covered this story and video about undergrads peeing on Ben on the Bench? Well, for some odd reason, there’s been more pee-related stories whizzing past me and I can’t hold it in any longer… Here wee go… (okay, I’ll stop be annoying with […]

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Life after Mask and Wig: Taking their comedy to the web!

So what happens when you graduate from a performing arts group like Mask and Wig and group members want to continue writing and performing together? Through the years out here in Los Angeles, there’s been a small contingency of Mask and Wiggers that have continued performing sketch comedy. Some, like myself, Todd Lieberman, Norm Golightly […]

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