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Get This “Least Interesting Man in the World” To Be Your Designated Driver on St. Patrick’s Day (VIDEO)

Reg Tigerman (C’07, Mask and Wig, pictured on right in photo above), the man behind one of the biggest viral sensations of last year, has a new, very funny video out about someone in your life you may just know. More after the jump… In his film “Dos De: the Least Interesting Man in the […]

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9 Men in Heels and a Kickline: Mask and Wig Brings The Funny to LA (EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS)

Last weekend Mask and Wig came out to LA to perform its 122nd Annual Production “A Cheshire Catastrophe”.  And in case you missed it, DT has some exclusive highlight clips for you. Above, check out the show’s finale number followed by Mask and Wig’s traditional kickline (wait until you see their costumes this year!) …And […]

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Demi Moore, Alyssa Milano and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Love “Twitteleh” (VIDEO)

Last week I covered Reg Tigerman (C’07, Mask and Wig) and Matt Johnson’s (C’99, Mask and Wig) hot new viral video, “Twitteleh“ Since then (as of this posting), the video has gotten over 177,000 views (!) and has been tweeted by Demi Moore, Alyssa Milano and covered by Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s “The Situation Room”. […]

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Twitteleh: Twitter For Your Jewish Mother

Here’s a Rosh Hashananh gift for all of you from the brilliant minds of writer Reg Tigerman (C’07, Mask and Wig) and director/editor DT favorite Matt Johnson (C’99, Mask and Wig).  The piece also co-stars another Penn alum Dov Kogen (C’07).Reg and Matt put it up this past Monday expecting 10 people to watch it. […]

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The Remaining 21 Videos of Advice From our Hollywood Penn Panel

(l to r): Lew Schneider (C’83), event producer Reg Tigerman (C’07), Zach Lutsky (C’97), Sherri Cooper Landsman (C’94) and Jason Resnick (C’92) Back in February, I posted a whole bunch of videos from our LA Penn in Pictures 2008 panel including Jason Resnick (C’92) (Universal acquisitions), Sherri Cooper Landsman (C’94) (Brothers and Sisters Writer), Zach […]

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Penn in Hollywood: “What Makes a Good Pitch?”

(l to r): Lew Schneider (C’83), event producer Reg Tigerman (C’07), Zach Lutsky (C’97), Sherri Cooper Landsman (C’94) and Jason Resnick (C’92) Yesterday, I posted a video about a Penn alum asking our Penn in Pictures panel about getting a Hollywood job. Today’s question from our audience is: “What Makes a Good Pitch?   …and […]

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