Ben Katz (W’01, WG’02) gets Nailed

Today Ben Katz’s (W’01, WG’02) new horror film Nailed is released nationwide today.

From Ben’s site, “Nailed is a psycho-thriller about two criminals, fleeing from a drug sting, who break into a dilapidated home. Within the apparently empty home they find instead a man lying on a bed, covered in bandages, whose caretaker may have intentions that are less than honorable. All is not as it seems as things begin to go wrong for the thieves, bringing the supernatural and the horrific into play. “

Per Ben, “We shot this in our free time (8 days) while we were filming Johnny Was (featured in Pennfest 2006) in Belfast, then shot exteriors in Compton (4 days) last summer. Now we have a scary horror film for you. I hope you like it!”

Ben isn’t the only alum out there with a horror film. …Stay tuned in the coming weeks for an upcoming story about another Penn producer and Penn writer joining forces to produce a horror film…

Click here to watch the trailer!

Click here to read how Ben got his start as a Producer

Click to check out other Penn film producers

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