Alumni with New Films, TV & Music + His Recurring Role on a Popular Soap Opera!


Some Hollywood bits and pieces from our Alumni this week:

  • New sci-fi film being produced.
  • New reality TV show debuting in May.
  • New music featured on a TV show.
  • New TV guest appearances on 2 popular shows (one tonight!).

Dig into the details HERE.

Reality honcho Mark Cronin (ENG’86), debuts his next VH1 reality show, “New York Goes to Work”

More details here
My past posts about Mark and all his reality shows here

Todd Lieberman (C’95) will produce the film (based on the book) Grandma’s Intergalactic Bed and Breakfast. Per Variety, “The story revolves around a boy who goes to visit his hippie grandmother for the first time and discovers that her inn caters to vacationing aliens, a secret that she has been able to keep from her small town.”

My past posts about Todd and his films here

Actor Roy Vongtama (C’96) will appear on tonight’s “Dollhouse” (April 3) at 9 pm (playing a yoga instructor)!

Roy will also be recurring on “Days of Our Lives” starting April 21st and 22nd on NBC at 1pm as Doctor Richman! As you may recall from my earlier posts, Roy is actually a doctor in real life. How great is that!

My past posts about Roy here

Matt Kap’s (C’97) band’s (The Moving Picture Show) song “The Boy Who Lives Backwards” was featured this season in minute 10 of “The Real World: Brooklyn” episode above.

Listen to “The Boy Who Lives Backwards” here:

The story behind the song?   Per Matt:

“The Boy Who Lives Backwards” basically came out of a regret. I was going to take some summer classes at NYU and met a girl the first day in the dorm through a friend. She’d had a bad day and her friend wasn’t around so I decided to try and cheer her up. We had a really incredible night but I was so shy at the time and thought she had a boyfriend so I didn’t ask her out. Years later I thought of that while singing a melody and began thinking about regrets we have in life – the person we didn’t kiss, the bully on the playground we didn’t stand up to, the clever comebacks that we wished we’d said in an argument and that’s what the song is about. It also really reminds me of New York City in the fall which is my favorite time of year.”

Check out Matt’s performance at our very own Pennfest 2007:

My past posts about Matt here

More about The Moving Picture Show

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