Did you spot this Penn alum on THIS popular TV series finale? (VIDEO)

All this week, I will be sharing with you stories and video of Penn alumni who have been featured on various TV shows recently.

To start things off, after the jump, find out

If you were a fan of “24”, you probably saw Adam Tsekhman (W’02, Teatron) playing the role of a Russian aide to the Russian president on the series finale.

How did Adam get the role on “24”?

Per Adam,

“I actually originally auditioned for another role and they wanted to cast me, but they realized I was too tall.  So a couple of weeks later they brought me back to read for this role. The other role was a bit heartier and I would have gotten my ass kicked by Jack Bauer. But, I guess I’m too tall for that…”

24 and Adam Tsekhman and UPenn
Adam on “24”

Besides this role, in April, Adam was one of the supporting leads on a movie for Lifetime Movie Network called “Deadly Honeymoon“.  The show is about a couple who go on a cruise for their honeymoon and the groom disappears.   Adam tells me he plays “a sketchy Hungarian on the boat named Ben who is suspected of being involved in the incident!” (see second :54 in trailer below) 

…Speaking of sketchy roles, remember when Adam appeared as the “Scarface of Pot” on THIS short-lived ABC show?

More of Adam’s roles HERE (and his website HERE)

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