Help these Penn alumni who help others!

We’ve got another story of Penn alumni working together ….for a good cause!

After the jump find out more about their great idea and how we Penn alumni can vote them into becoming a “fan favorite”!

Generation Enterprise, or GEN, is a dynamic, all-volunteer, young team of social entrepreneurs who have come together to help unemployed youth start sustainable businesses in slum communities in the developing world through intensive training and microfinance.

Founded in 2009 by a Penn grad, Clara Chow (C’07), GEN is comprised of young professionals (Penn alumni including Corey Stout (C’09) and Samantha Sher (C’09)) and students on four continents dedicated to helping the world’s street youth become socially responsible business owners and community leaders.

Samantha tells me:

“We are supported and endorsed by the World Bank and have won competitions hosted by Seventh Generation and Oxford University. We are currently working in Lagos, Nigeria and continue to receive invitations to implement the GEN model across the developing world. We are even in the preliminary stages of entering Delhi and Mumbai by the end of 2012.”

GEN entered the McKinsey Society video contest with this 60 second pitch below which they made on zero budget on a flip cam.

In order to vote them as “fan favorite”, tweet the following (click link to tweet):

“I voted for ‘Generation Enterprise’ for Fan Favorite in the @McKinseySociety video contest! #McKInnovate”

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