After 55 auditions, Musicians Ben and Blake Have Found THIS

UPenn and Austin music
Find out why Ben is crossing his fingers!

It’s been over a year now since we started documenting our DT exclusive music and actor career journeys with 3 recent alumni. The key to these series has been capturing that immediate time right after college filled with hope and attainable aspirations when the world is your oyster.  I hope it has been as refreshing and inspiring for you DT readers to watch the achievements of these young alumni as it has been for me to report it.

On that note, last week we covered these 5 important lessons any actor should take to heart before getting into the business.

Now, today, Austin musicians Ben Naecker (C’09, Water Polo) and Blake West (W’09, Jazz Combos):

  • sum up their year
  • discuss what exciting endeavor is on the horizon
  • and share with us the production process from start to finish of one great (!) song they worked on. This should definitely be enlightening to anyone who has wondered how songs get produced.

And find out after a year whether despite initial intentions a real job is manifesting itself for one of them…  hmmm….

In the video below, Ben and Blake sum up their year and share an important lesson that applies to any career, really: “Don’t turn your nose up at anything too fast“.

As you’ll hear, even with conflicting schedules, Ben and Blake have really been at full steam in pursuing this career.

And check out their awesome track “Something good” below with singer/songwriter Jessy Dorsett. Listen as Blake takes us through the production process:

  • 1:31 – starts to sound real good
  • 2:27 – sounds awesome!


Based on the track above, I can’t wait for the entire album!



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