His Entertainment Job Sucked So He Took Matters Into His Own Hands

It's Always Sunny In PhiladelphiaEvery Penn success story in Hollywood has an interesting beginning and the following is another must-read for ambitious undergrads and alumni looking to stand out and charter the entertainment waters.

Get the details on how Sonny Lee (C’03) became a TV staff writer for a popular show premiering this week!

Two years ago Sonny Lee’s (C’03, PennSix, Full Measure, Penn Admissions) job “sucked” so he took matters into his own hands which jump started his Hollywood writing career and soon began writing as a staff writer for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. (he also acted in an episode called “Mac and Charlie Die: Part Two,” where he played Quan, Danny DeVito’s new potential roommate -see image below.)

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Season Four premieres this Thursday, Sept. 18th on FX with Sonny’s episode airing in the second back-to-back episode (10:30 pm) titled “The Gang Solves The Gas Crisis”:

“Charlie, Mac and Dennis decide that since gas prices have doubled over the last year, why not buy up a bunch of gas now, store it in the bar for a year, and then sell it back for a huge profit? Meanwhile, Dee and Frank are convinced that Dee’s biological father, Bruce Mathis, is funding terrorists when he donates to a local Muslim community center.”

Click here to find out how Sonny took his career into his own hands!

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