Penn Alumni Chase Mummies For a New TV series

Chasing Mummies and David Price and UPenn
David Price (C’03) on location in Egypt

A Penn alum TV producer and Penn alum archeologist with quite a personality join forces for a new show you’ll want to check out…

David Price (C’03, UTV13, Dischord A Capella, Hillel) has recently produced the 10-episode TV series “Chasing Mummies” which airs on Wednesdays (tonight) at 10/9c on History Channel.

The show’s star is also a Penn alum, Zahi Hawass G’83 (MA in Egyptology and Syro-Palestinian Archaeology), Gr’87 (PhD in Egyptology). As the promo states, he’s the “daddy of all mummy’s” (sorry I just need to include that one).  Here’s the shpiel:

“Digging up ancient treasures is dirty and dangerous business, and nobody knows that better than the legendary Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass. HISTORY’s cameras follow closely as he and his cadre of fellows unearth astonishing finds and tackle some of the world’s greatest archaeological riddles, from who built the pyramids to the location of Cleopatra’s tomb. It’s a whirlwind tour, led by the man who holds the keys to Egypt’s greatest antiquities and rules his world like a modern-day pharaoh. Unfiltered, entertaining, exciting and suspenseful, “Chasing Mummies” lets viewers share in the thrills and hardships facing the team and crew as they toil to reveal what lies beneath the sand. With its wealth of historical information and blow-by-blow coverage of world-altering discoveries, this series breaks new ground—literally.”

David has been in the entertainment industry since he was a kid:

“I’ve been in the entertainment biz since I acted in TV shows, theatre, and commercials as a kid. At Penn I hosted and produced a few shows for UTV13, later becoming the station’s head of programming. After returning to Hollywood to work on the first season of American Idol, I worked on such award shows as the “American Music Awards”, “Kids Choice Awards”, and the Golden Globes. I cut my teeth at Mike Fleiss’s production company Next Entertainment, where I worked for several years producing and directing shows like “The Bachelorette” and “High School Reunion”. Partial list of other credits here

More about the show HERE

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