There’s Always Somebody Hooking Up, Screwing Up or Breaking Up on Her Hollywood Site


showbizzleEarlier last fall, I posted about how Lindsey Rosin (C’07, The Excelano Project, The Writers House, Kappa Alpha Theta) joined forces with her father Charles Rosin (Executive Producer of Beverly Hills 90210 for the first five seasons) to create, a new form of internet entertainment that combines daily updates of original, scripted video content with a social network aimed at emerging actors, writers, directors, fans of the biz – basically anyone with a computer who is looking for some fun entertainment. (see Lindsey in photo to right directing this week’s episode you can see HERE)

Earlier this week, showbizzle relaunched with even more features including:

  • A 23 week series set in Hollywood told from the first person point-of-view of Janey, an aspiring screenwriter who likes to hang out at her favorite coffee shop and listen to the crazy stories that her friends are only too willing to share. As Janey puts it, “there’s always somebody hooking up, screwing up, breaking up…all while chasing their first big break.” The series is set in Hollywood in 2009. Season One will feature 29 cast members, with new episodes available on a weekly basis.
  • “Inside the Bizzle” is an ongoing conversation with top industry insiders such as David Semel (“House”), Elizabeth Heldens (“Friday Night Lights’) and Ted Cohen (“Friends”) about their careers, how they succeeded and their heartfelt advice for people getting started.
  • “Bizzle Bits” is a place to watch behind-the-scenes footage about the show.
  • “The Digital Showcase” is a stage to promote professional and upcoming talent.
  • A community section as a resource for emerging talent, starting with the 21 contemporary monologues available for free download on the website. It will also feature some of our favorite member-submitted videos on the Digital Showcase, then let the members vote on their favorites – and give a community member the opportunity to be paid to do original material on the site.


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