12 Penn alumni you should know about

UPenn and Nike and Stephanie Lynn and commercial

After the jump, check out my DT roundup of these 12 notable Penn alumni and some of their very cool projects ranging from new films, to Emmy awards, to great TV appearances.

1) Actress Elizabeth Banks (C’96) puts on her producer hat and releases a new trailer for her upcoming collegiate a capella movie. You’ll also see her make a cameo in the trailer:

2) John Huss (C’98), Scott Ganz (C’01) and Andrew Samson (C’01) won Daytime Emmys for outstanding writing in animation for their work on PBS’ “WordGirl”

3) Brian Cuthbert (C’06, MLA) booked a recurind role on NBC’s “AWAKE” and booked a supporting lead role in a Sticky Fingaz feature “Brooklyn Knight” dur e out this summer. When he’s not acting he works for 20th Century Fox TV on “New Girl”

4) Rich Garella (C’07)‘s documentary “Who Killed Chea Vichea” won a Peabody Award. Vichea was a labor leader with whom Rich worked in Cambodia in the late 1990s. He was assassinated in early 2004. Directed by Bradley Cox, the film shows that the Cambodian government framed and
imprisoned two innocent men in order to cover its own tracks. It was co-produced with the Independent Television Service with funding from Corporation for Public Broadcasting (and from viewers like you, of course), and aired widely on US public television last year. Meanwhile it’s banned in Cambodia. It’s Rich’s first documentary. Find it at

5) Jonathan Izak (C’10) designed AutisMate, an app to help his younger autistc brother promote functional and social skills. More here

6) Stephanie Lynn was majorly featured in a big national Nike commerical that she’s singing in as well:

7) Steve Allen (C’12) debuts his song “Bully”:


8) 3 Penn alumni want your vote for their small business to win $250,000:

Go to:
1. Log in (via Facebook)
2. Scroll down to Vote Local
3. Select Business Name:________:
and City: (Los Angeles for Adam, Laguna Beach, CA for Kyle, Houston TX for Beverly) –Click Search
4. When Quick Film Budget appears — CLICK VOTE!!

More Penn alumni on TV HERE

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