15 second clips: Spring Fling Revelry

UPenn and Spring Fling and Kelly Diamond

Last we heard from Kelly Diamond (C’13), our on campus correspondent, we were introduced to a singing Penn professor and the annoying and often pointless Van Pelt bag check exercise.

Today, Kelly’s back with a new logo and some fun 15 second clips from this weekend’s Spring Fling.

After the jump check out the videos.  They’ll bring you right back to those drunken fling days! (plus catch zany Fling posts from past years HERE)

“1) *Kenn Kweder on the steps of ATO (on Superblock): a Fling tradition that everyone in the know looks forward to. Even the native Philadelphian in the pink sweatshirt who was winding and grinding with the former Interfraternity Council President got into the spirit. Special side-note: I was wearing the same boots as Kweder. Nothing better than looking like a Penn legend!”

*For those of you not in the know, Kelly fills me in on who Kenn Kweder is: “He plays at Smokes every Tuesday. He is like this middle-aged man who just plays his guitar and sings for Penn kids all the time while partying with them. Has become a Penn legend, but I’m not sure when it started. I think he said this was his 19th year playing for ATO at fling.” There you have it.

“2) Though the Philly rain washed away the epic Quad carnival on Saturday, Friday was a glorious day for Flinging. It began with a DJ set that got a few Flingers into a choreographed dance. which then became a giant free-for-all dance party extravaganza. Fun (and fried oreos, customized pinnies, and neon hats) was had by all. If only we each had the illustrious bathroom keys that would prevent us from needing to use the Port-o-Potties so graciously spread out in Lower Quad.”

If you think these were fun, this is probably my all time favorite video from a past fling.  Spiderman has nothing on this guy!

More “Kelly on Campus” 15 second clips:

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