Find Out What Rob Did: From Radio DJ to NPR Reporter to Author

Rob Sachs and UPenn and What Would Rob Do?

Since he graduated Penn in 2000, Rob Sachs (C’00) has spent the past 10 years working in radio and has now recently branched out into the world of publishing.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 5/11), Rob returns to the Penn bookstore from 6-7 pm to discuss his new book What Would Rob Do?: An Irreverent Guide to Surviving Life’s Daily Indignities.

What Would Rob Do? and Rob Sachs and UPenn

Rob’s book is the product of his own podcast of the same name and offers tips on lessons ranging from how to get past a nightclub bouncer to what to do you when you get a big zit or how to avoid going to a chick flick.  This book gives Rob’s take on life’s awkward and embarrassing moments as well as tips he’s received from experts including Erik Estrada (“How to act around a celebrity”), Fabio (“What to do when you’re underdressed for a party”), Air Supply (“How to write a love song”) and Tom Wopat aka Luke Duke (“How to avoid stage fright”).

For all of you aspiring journalists and authors, Rob tells us exactly what his career path has been from Penn until now…

Per Rob,

“My career in radio started at Penn – I was a DJ on WQHS and eventually went on to become the station manager.  I also started working for WXPN on the program Kids Corner and worked doing basketball and football games for Penn Sports.   It was through a conference that WXPN paid for me to attend that I made connections at NPR.  I’ve been working here for 10 years doing everything from reporting to directing to producing to hosting my own podcast which became the basis for my book.”

Below, in one of Rob’s segments from his site, he talks about how to avoid embarrassing moments when getting a professional massage.

Get Rob’s book HERE

Rob’s website HERE

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