Penn Alumni You Should Know About: Vol. 11


Check out these 16 Penn alumni making news in Hollywood!


Joan Harrison (Bloomers) has just been named SVP Scripted Programming and Development at Asylum Pictures, according to Deadline. The former literary agent will be responsible for the production company’s miniseries and limited series projects. Congrats Joan!

Joan Harrison

Mark Cronin (ENG ’86, Mask and Wig) has done it again. The reality TV mastermind is producing a new MTV show titled Scrubbing In. It follows nine nurses from around the country who move to Orange County, CA and live together. The show is picking up some heat from several nursing associations for the way it portrays nurses (i.e. as wild party animals). Think Jersey Shore with an education in medicine. Sounds dangerous. Remind me to never need medical attention when I’m in The OC.


Meredith Stiehm (C’90) is coming back to Homeland! After taking a leave to co-create and executive produce The Bridge, the writer and Emmy winner is heading back to the Showtime hit as executive producer for upcoming seasons 4 and 5. She will continue to work as an executive producer on The Bridge as well. For more info, check out the article on Deadline.

Meredith Stiehm

Roy Vongtama (C’96) is both a doctor and a working actor. Typical Penn grads always have to be successful in multiple careers. Check out Roy’s upcoming roles below and make sure to set those DVRs.

  • ABC Scandal 2013 recurring role Episode 8 (11/21/13)
  • CBS Intelligence  (new show) episode 6  (3/24/14)
  • “Christmas In Hollywood”  China Release December 2013, US Release December 2014
  • “Reach.” US Release DVD and VOD 2014
  • “Untitled Suspense Thriller” US Release 2014

Roy Vongtama


Zach Lutsky (C’97) has just been staffed on a mid-season Fox show titled Night Shift. Lutsky is known for juggling ER shifts and writing for lots of medical shows.  Do you ever have time to sleep, Zach? Ever?

Zach Lutsky


Adam Tsekhman (W’02) has just put the finishing touches on his original script titled Americanistan. Now he is looking for help to raise money to shoot the pilot. He calls it “The Newsroom meets The Dictator” and it’s bound to be a funny and interesting take on the Middle East. Check out the pitch below and if you like what you see, donate here!


Next up: Alumni Filmmakers!

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