Penn alum’s promo with Ben Stiller, Mark Sanchez and LaDainian Tomlinson

Ben Stiller and Mark Sanchez and LaDainian Tomlinson and New York Jets

I cover lots of traditional entertainment career pursuits from alumni on DT like acting, filmmaking, and writing, but equally creative can be that of Marketing.
UPenn and Melisa Kirkup and Tower Heist
After the jump, check out a promo spot for ESPN that Universal Media Promotions and Marketing manager Melisa Kirkup (C’01) worked on for the new movie Tower Heist (in theaters Nov. 4th) featuring Ben Stiller as well as Mark Sanchez and LaDainian Tomlinson of the New York Jets. Plus check out Melisa’s advice to re: job searching.

Melisa tells me she flew out to New Jersey to shoot this :30 co-branded spot at the JETS practice facility:

“My team had worked on the script for a few weeks with the ESPN Marketing group as well as Maggie Vision Productions, both based in NY. The script and concept went through several iterations and we really honed in on making it about Fantasy Football. We wanted it to be timely, topical and funny. We got Stiller, Mark Sanchez and LT on board and the entire Jets organization was really instrumental in making this shoot happen. It will air on ESPN and ESPN2 from 10/21-11/4 (opening day for our new comedy Tower Heist)”.

On working with Ben Stiller, Mark Sanchez and LT?

“It was great working with Ben Stiller, he was hilarious. We shot multiple lines so we could have alternatives for on-air and our digital spot. Mark and LT were really fun and easy going, they all got along great and talked shop between takes. It was such a smooth shoot because of all the hard work prepping for the big day.”

If you are considering a career in Entertainment marketing, read the good advice Melisa and Ashley Berger (C’06, Warner Brothers Marketing) had given to DT regarding job searching; they also also answer the #1 question most LA bound undergrads have: “Can I secure a job in Los Angeles before moving out there?”




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