The Humor in Being an LA Actor (VIDEO)

What does it mean to be an actor in Los Angeles?

Perhaps boasting about your training ….or exhibiting the extremes to which actors will go to “bring it”.

Check out the above very funny “Office”/documentary-ish video on what it means to be an LA actor. In this short, a documentary crew follows around a group of LA actors (co-starring Penn alum Jill Magilone C’00) trying to rehearse for an Industry Showcase. Things get out of control when Ben and Renee show their true colors…

Jill is great in this. Her tone reminds me of a cross between Anna Faris and Julie Hagerty (from Airplane! fame). Very castable!

(Be sure to check out the Joaquin Phoenix reference in there…or at least I think it’s a reference as the guy looks like him!)

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