This popular Penn group makes it onto the news

A few weeks ago, I did a post about a great behind the scenes video about a popular Penn group.

This week, not only is this group touring the country, but they also made it onto the news!

After the jump, watch the piece and catch the group in your city!

That’s right, it’s Mask and Wig on Philadelphia’s local news station and this week they’re coming to a city near you to perform their spring show “A Volcanic Corruption”:

UPenn and Mask and WigGo tribal with Mask and Wig in its 123rd annual production, “A Volcanic Corruption,” as we take you on an epic journey deep into the heart of darkness. After embarking on an ambitious hot air balloon journey to the sun, three dysfunctional siblings find themselves lost in deflation when a freak accident lands them on a tropical island. What started as an inconvenient detour soon turns treacherous, and with paradise lost, our heroes are forced into a struggle for life, limb, and gender identity. They must overcome ravenous tribesmen, an explosive volcano, and their own lust for power if they ever hope to see their overpriced cappuccinos again. Will they evade the wrath of the natives’ god? Will they find lava in all the wrong places? Can they stop themselves from careening down a fatal road to El Dorado? Put your conch shells on vibrate and join Mask and Wig as we discover that, no matter how far away it seems, the sun is just a state of mind.

Friday, March 4th – New York, NY (8:00 pm)
Baruch Performing Arts Center, Nagelberg Theater
55 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10010 (Entrance on 25th between 3rd and Lex.)

Sunday, March 6th – Pittsburgh, PA (7:00 pm)
The Winchester Thurston School
555 Morewood Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Friday, March 11th– Chicago, IL (7:00 pm)
The Greenhouse Theater Center
2257 North Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60614

Saturday, March 12th – Detroit, MI (8:00 pm)
The Players Playhouse
3321 East Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48207

Speaking of news, check out these DT stories about Penn journalists HERE



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