Her “Election” Documentary: Distributed By a Musician We All Know!

frontrunnersIn the spirit of the upcoming presidential election, Erika Frankel’s (C’00) documentary campaign film (with a twist!) is about to be released nationwide on October 24th.

Since I posted about Erika’s film Frontrunners last September, they had their world premiere in competition at South by Southwest (SXSW) and were picked up for distribution by Adam Yauch’s (of the Beastie Boys) new company Oscilloscope Pictures. Frontrunners is their third release.

Per Erika here’s the synopsis,

“What do Tim Robbins, Thelonius Monk, Drew Nieporent, Jerry Nadler, and Lucy Liu all have in common? They all graduated from Stuyvesant, the jewel in the crown of NYC’s high schools for gifted students. Not surprisingly, some of the nation’s smartest, most media-savvy teenagers run an election for class president with primaries, televised debates, newspaper endorsements and considerable schmoozing in the halls. Stuyvesant accepts 3% of the 25,000 kids who apply, and when just one is going to be class president, you can bet that tensions run high.”

FRONTRUNNERS screening locations/dates:

New York City – Film Forum (Oct 15-21)
Tickets now on sale here

Los Angeles – Nuart Theatre (Oct 24-31)
San Francisco – Lumiere Theatre (Oct 24-31)
Berkeley, CA – Shattuck Cinemas (Oct 24-31)
Denver – Starz FilmCenter (Oct 24-31)
Boston – Brattle Theatre (Oct 24-31)
Philadelphia – Ritz at the Bourse (Oct 24-31)

For more information about the film, visit

Click to learn how Erika got her start as a documentary film producer

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