His Super Sexy Halloween Secret (VIDEOS)


Last month I introduced all of you to actor Ben Pace (C’00) and his fun “Elevator” series in which he stars as “Harold the Janitor”.

This web series which was developed in the HBO Lab and has recently been bought by Break Media, launched a fun, campy, “Halloween” mini-series this week.    In the 4 episodes, “Harold” (Ben) figures out a new way to get the girl.

Watch these 4 very short videos through and I think you’ll agree with me that Ben is indeed a great, slick comedic actor.

Part 1
Harold reveals a bloodthirsty secret when he gets his 25 years of service award.

Part 2
Vampire Harold has a passionate exchange with his beloved and Chris is caught in the middle.

Part 3
Robert shares his own monstrous secret to Vampire Harold. Harold is not amused.

Part 4

Something is killing employees all over the building. Vampire Harold has to come clean to stop the murders.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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