Wharton Entrepreneur Elon Musk’s Appearance on Late Night TV + Exclusive Tesla Info Elon Revealed to DT! (VIDEOS)

This past Wednesday night (4/29/09), Penn alumnus Elon Musk (W’95, C’95) appeared on a popular late night TV program and discussed his electric sports car company Tesla Motors.

Find out:

  • how much this car costs now(!)
  • how the Tesla is environmentally friendly
  • more about the electric car movement
  • a preview of his sleek new, affordable Model S car which will come out in 2 years

At the end of the interview above, Dave cut Elon off just as Elon was about to make “an important point” about this new car. 

I emailed Elon and he told me that the “point was that the real comparison price for the Model S is under $35k, so it’s comparable to a high end Ford Taurus, when you consider that gasoline costs a lot more than electricity.”

    Elon also did another interview late last week (see video below) with Charles River Venture Partner George Zachary. While this video isn’t the best quality, Elon does mention Penn, as well as:

    • his motivation behind his interest in cars
    • what other transportation related projects Elon is interested in (inlcuding an electric plane!)
    • more about the 2 companies he co-founded: SpaceX (space transportation company) and PayPal and how he broke into these businesses
    • his dislike for firing people
    • other CEOs in the Technology space from who he draws inspiration
    • how this current political administration will be helping Tesla
    • how he manages his time between running SpaceX and Tesla

    On a related note, if you haven’t already seen this movie, check out Who Killed the Electric Car…it’s a fascinating documentary on the whole destruction of the electric car movement in the mid 1990s!

    Musk was featured in the Nov/Dec issue of The Gazette HERE

    Wikipedia info on Musk HERE

    Other ways Penn and our alumni are going green HERE

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    1. I was so spot on about the important point that Elon was trying to make which Letterman did not allow him to complete. I even posted it as a comment on CNET couple of days ago:


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